Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Southern Kings County

Km 0: Mile 0:
Hi! We see youíve just arrived via the Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island ferry service. The ferry connects Caribou, Nova Scotia and Wood Islands, P.E.I. and is operated by Northumberland Ferries Ltd. If you havenít picked up your travel guides yet, stop in at the Visitor Information Centre on your way out of the ferry terminal compound (you must exit the compound and re-enter, to gain access to the Visitor Information Centre) and pick up your guide and map or you can order visitor information online or send us an e-mail and weíll have them mailed to you.

Besides the ferry terminal the harbour also houses a small fishing fleet. The fishing boats go out early in the morning for lobsters (May & June), scallops and groundfish and return by mid-morning. They arenít out right now and you can see one of them tied up at the wharf

The Northumberland Strait which separates the rest of Canada from P.E.I. was named for the HMS Northumberland, the flagship of Admiral Lord Colville who sruveyed the area in 1764. Wood Islands is named for the two small islands which are now joined and form the harbour.

Km 1: Mile .6:
Turn right at the junction onto route 4. This is the beginning of the eastern portion of the Kings Byway Drive. On both sides of the road is a mixed spruce forest and some small bogs. The Island was originally covered in a mixed hardwood forest but was logged to clear land for farming and shipbuilding. The land is now regrowing as a spruce forest.

Km 3.8: Mile 2.4:
If you want to camp or enjoy a picnic lunch, you can stop at the Northumberland Provincial Park. The park features a campground, playground, day use picnic area and a sandy beach. This is the first of many sandy beaches you will see on the Island and many of them will be as busy as the one shown here.

After leaving the park, there is more mixed forest but you will also see small fields, many of which have been abandoned and are being reclaimed as forest.

Km 7.3: Mile 4.6:
You are now entering Kings County, which is why our tour route is called the Kings Byway. The Island is divided into three counties, Prince at the western end, Queens in the middle and Kings on the eastern end. You are now in Little Sands which was named for the sandy shore between Wood Islands and High Bank.

Km 8.7: Mile 5.4:
Some visitors have bought properties and converted them into summer retreats.

Km 10: Mile 6.3:
This area is named High Bank for the sandstone cliffs which rise to 25 M (75 ft) and fall away on either side to Little Sands and White Sands.