Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Charlotte's Shore

Km 0: Mile 0:
This section of our tour starts at the corner of University and Belvedere beside the University of Prince Edward Island. We're going to head north on University Avenue which then turns into the Trans Canada Highway. If you don't have a visitor's guide and map you can order visitor information online or send us an e-mail and we’ll have them mailed to you.

About 1.5 kms (1 mile) up the road you'll get to another set of lights, then the road splits. Stay to the left as the road turns and heads west.

Km 4.7: Mile 2.9:
As you cross the North River Bridge, you are leaving the City of Charlottetown and entering the Town of Cornwall. Look to the left and you can see the entrance of the harbour. The North River is one of three "rivers" which meet at Charlottetown and form the harbour. Cornwall was enlarged recently to include North River and the area here is residential and farming with some small malls along the highway.

Km 9.2: Mile 5.8:

At the Cornwall Shopping Centre, turn left and head south along route 19. You'll now be entering farming country with houses and cottages scattered along the road and shore.

Km 11.5: Mile 7.2:
Turn left on Hyde Point Road. Down here you'll find the second headquarters of HomePage Design. You can also drive down and enjoy views of homes and old buildings near the shore. The fields here run almost to the shore and during harvest time the local farmers can be seen harvesting their crops.

This is a dead end road so head back to the junction and turn left onto route 19. Mornings are pleasant here and the early morning light and mist often provides some great views from the road. Some of the local farms are well placed to enjoy their views.

Km 13.7: Mile 8.6:

The West River Causeway is a good place to stop and stretch your legs. Many local boat owners moor their boats here in the summer. The kids in the area love to come and jump off the two bridges which make up the crossing here. They'll even jump off in the middle of the night and early morning only reveals great numbers of wet footprints on the bridge decks.

Km 15.6: Mile 9.8:
At New Dominion the road takes a left turn and heads east. New Dominion was probably name for the Dominion of Canada but may have been named after a ship called the New Dominion which visited Charlottetown in 1868. After New Dominion, you come to Fairview which was so named in 1877 when the school was moved from Webster Creek because of a good view of Charlottetown and the rivers.