Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Km 0: Mile 0:
Welcome to part two of the Prince County Tour. We'll start at North Cape. Follow along on your map. Remember, if you don't have a map, you can order visitor information online or send us an e-mail and we’ll have them mailed to you.

North Cape is home to the wind energy test site. If you walk out to the very tip of the Island, you can see the lobster boats just offshore. After you've had a chance to look around, head south on Route 12, past Seacow Pond toward Anglo Tignish.

Km 8.2:
Mile 5.1:
The area around Anglo Tignish is very exposed and is not great farmland. A few cottages hug the shorelines. A nearby fish plant provides work for local residents.

Km 12.7: Mile 7.9:
The Tignish area is home to the largest number of fishing boats on the Island. The neighbouring ports of Tignish and Jude's Point house 130 boats during the fishing season. From a distance, Tignish Run is a colourful collection of boat houses.

If you drive just up the road to Fisherman's Haven Provincial Park, you can walk the sandy beach and perhaps watch the boats returning with the day's catch. Or you can relax and bird watch on the shore of a nearby pond.

Km 25.3: Mile 15.8:
Follow Route 12 through Kildare Capes and Cape Kildare. The area was named in 1765 by Samuel Holland for James, 20th Earl of Kildare. Here too, you'll find Jacques Cartier Provincial Park. A nice place to walk the sandy beaches that cover most of the north shore of the Island. Jacques Cartier called this area Cap d'Orleans when he visited in 1534.

Just down the road is the Kildare River where a few local boats tie up during the fishing season.

Km 31.8: Mile 19.9:
Alberton, along with O'Leary are the two major towns in West Prince. The north shore between Cascumpec Bay and Malpeque Bay offers terrific boating and beachcombing opportunities yet is still quiet and "undiscovered". Cascumpec is derived from the MicMac work "Kaskamkek" which means bold sandy shore.

Past Alberton stay on Route 12. Just before Cascumpec, you will cross the Mill River. If you turn right on Route 136 it is only a short distance to Mill River Resort and MacAusland's Woolen Mill. MacAusland's is a family-owned mill which makes pure virgin wool blankets and yarn. Stop in and'll want one of their beautiful blankets! Mill River Resort is one of the Island's premiere resorts. Featuring golf, indoor pool, squash, racquetball, tennis, boating, fine dining and more, the resort is open year-round.

If you stay on Route 12 through Cascumpec you will see fields of corn, well kept farmhouses and absolutely huge flower gardens.

Km 51.4: Mile 32.1:
Where route 12 meets Route 2, turn left, drive about 3 kms. and turn left onto Route 12 again. After a few minutes you'll pass through "Lot 11", a place name which refers to the division of the Island into lots. In 1867 the British Government divided the island into 67 lots and three "royalties" and raffled them off to men of means and senior military officers. The owners were supposed to encourage settlement on the lots in return for the land grant. The three "royalties" were reserved for the government. Centred around Charlottetown, parts of the city are still called East Royalty and West Royalty.

Km 69.7: Mile 43.6:
A left turn on Route 163 will take you to Lennox Island, home to a MicMac village. The church dominates the village and from behind the craft shop you can see Bird and Hog islands. Nearby at Ellerslie, is the Fisheries Museum and along the rivers you will see mussel farms in the water.