Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Km 0: Mile 0:
Welcome to Part One of the Prince County Tour. We'll start at Read's Corner. Follow along on your map. Remember, if you don't have a map, you can order visitor information online or send us an e-mail and we’ll have them mailed to you.

Head North on route 1A for 1.8 kms (1.1 miles) then turn left onto route 2. This area between Malpeque Bay and Bedeque Bay is the narrowest part of the Island and is only about 5 kms (3 miles) wide. The recently enlarged City of Summerside also includes the area between here and St. Eleanor's a few kilometres down the road.

Km 8.8: Mile 5.5:
Slemon Park is now an industrial park and convention centre. Once a military airbase, the facility was closed by the armed forces and converted to civilian use. Many of the buildings and hangars now house a variety of aerospace and other industries.

Km 11.7: Mile 7.3:
Miscouche is home to the Acadian Museum which chronicles the history and contribution of the Acadian settlers on the Island. This is the beginning of the Région Évangéline and many community and family names are of French origin. Here you'll see many homes flying the Acadian flag as well as the Canadian and Provincial flags.

After you've had a chance to look around the museum, continue on for about a block and at Km 12 (mile 7.5), turn left onto route 12. A short distance down the road bear right onto route 11. The area here is very flat and boggy and many of the poorest fields have been abandoned in favour of more productive areas. After a short distance you'll pass by Sunbury Cove and the community of St. Nicholas.

Km 26.3: Mile 16.4:
At Union Corner the road takes a sharp right and begins to follow the shore. At the corner, the old schoolhouse has been turned into the Union Corner Schoolhouse Museum. It is said to be named Union Corner because the school was built with the goodwill of everyone. Like these fields at Mont Carmel, many homes and fields hug the shore. In the distance you can see New Brunswick.

Km 29.4: Mile 18.4:
The most significant landmark in the area, the Église Notre Dame du Mont Carmel towers high above the road through town. Even the home of the parish priest is an imposing building.

The road parallels the shore and nearby at Cap-Egmont there is a roadside parking area from which you can enjoy the view of the strait. The Acadians love colour! Their penchant for painting things bright colours is evident at this campground mini-golf. At Cap-Egmont, the road turns to follow the shore northward.

Km 41.1: Mile 25.7:
The small farms in the area are brightly painted and have a terrific view of the strait. Small well kept fields reflect the neatness of the farms. As you drive along, take note of the many cottage properties. Here in the Acadian region cottages are not mere cottages. The signs at the driveways proclaim them to be villas, chateaus or even castles.

Km 41.8: Mile 26.1:
Maximeville was probably named after Maxime Arsenault whose widow and daughters were noted as living here in 1880. The small bay houses a harbour which is home to 26 boats one of which has been hauled up on shore perhaps because it is no longer seaworthy.