Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Km 0: Mile 0:
Summerside is the second largest city in the Province and is the economic hub of Prince County. We're not going into town on this trip, instead we're off to the north shore of the Island. The north shore is known as Anne's Land and is famous for that reason as well as the many kilometres of sandy beaches. Follow along and enjoy. If you don't have a visitor's guide and map you can order visitor information online or send us an e-mail and we’ll have them mailed to you.

About 1.6 kms (1 mile) up the road is the junction with route 2 where we'll turn right toward Kensington.

Km 6.4: Mile 4:
At New Annan, among the fields are some of the largest potato processing plants in the Maritimes. They even have a factory outlet! More than 100,000 acres of potatoes are grown on the Island and many of them are processed at these and other plants. Just down a side road is Webber Cove and Webber Point (45k) where you can see some of the farms near the shore. The area was possibly named in 1765 for Rear Admiral Charles Webber.

Km 10.2: Mile 6.8:
At the traffic lights in Kensington turn left onto route 20. Here in Kensington, they have turned the old railway station into a museum, library and shop. A locomotive sits out front and a building in behind houses the weekend farmers market. With the closing of the railway, the lands are being turned into an Island-wide series of trails which when complete will be about 340 kms (212 miles) long. Kensington is a small town and it is not long before you are back out into farming country.

Km 15: Mile 9.4:
Turn left onto route 104 and head toward Indian River. Here at Indian River is the St. Mary's Church. A local landmark, it is said to have the best acoustics on the Island. For that reason it often plays host to concerts. This is farming country where many of the local residents are of the bovine persuasion and fields of grain are everywhere.

Wherever you drive in this area, you are never far from the water. As you pass through the Hamilton area (45k) enjoy the views of Malpeque Bay and the small cove called March Water. The name Hamilton was chosen at a public meeting in 1869 for a school to replace Oyster Cove and Shipyard. Malpeque is derived from the MicMac word "Makpaak" which means "big bay".

Turn right onto route 20 again and follow it along the north shore.

Km 25: Mile 15.6:
At Malpeque, turn right to stay on route 20. You can go straight ahead to Cabot Provincial Park where you can enjoy the views of the Bay and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Just inland from here is Spring Valley where you can see the farms strung out along the road. Just after the corner you will pass the Darnley Basin which was named in 1765 for Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond, Earl of Darnley. Formerly known as "Third Pond" the next area is now called Seaview

Km 36.6: Mile 22.9:
The Anne of Green Gables Museum is housed in the home that Lucy Maud Montgomery called Silver Bush. The property borders the south part of Lake of Shining Waters. The north portion of the Lake is across the road. This aerial view of the area shows the Lake of Shining Waters, Silver Bush and the shops by the shore.

This area is called Park Corner and from the hilltop you can see the Lake of Shining Waters and the fields running down to the shore.

Km 39.9: Mile 24.9:
Sheltered in a channel off New London bay and behind Cape Tryon, the small fishing port of French River is one of the prettiest places on the Island. The harbour and farms perched above the Gulf make this a must-see during your visit to the Island.