Barrie and Jan

Thank you for the fantastic week, we enjoyed staying at the Oceanfront Log Cabin cottage. We especially appreciated the following

  • the wood fireplace
  • the landscaping with the beautiful flowers
  • the ceramic floor for the dogs muddy paws
  • the garden hose (for washing the dog and car)
  • clam digging
  • the comfortable bed
  • the cleanliness when we first came in
  • the gorgeous view of the bay
We are so looking forward to coming back to PEI very soon.


Thank you for making such a sweet spot to visit. The gardens and little eccentric pieces of art made this very memorable. The cottage ws very well equipped and clean (the de-humidifier came came in handy). The tour down to the beach deemed fairy tale - like with the bunnies and berries. We love PEI and the relaxing feeling we have when we spend time here.
Lori and Simon,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada