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Km 48: Mile 30:
....At the bend in the road you can turn right toward Murray Harbour North, another small fishing wharf. This is a pretty area with a view of the Seal Islands and mussel leases in the bay. On your way back to the main road, you should stop and admire this private historic home, known as the "Clow" house.

Km 50.7: Mile 31.7:
....If you want to stretch your legs, turn at the big red house and take the side road to Poverty Beach. Poverty Beach is a large sandbar and was probably given its name because its the lack of vegetation.

Km 52.5: Mile 32.8:
....Remember, we told you to wait to buy a lobster trap? Now is the time to buy a souvenir lobster trap - this is the best price on the Island. Just help yourself and leave your money in the white bucket. If you bought one at the last place.....we can only say, we told you to wait!

Km 55.5: Mile 34.7:
....Wendall Graham Inc. operates a seafood processing plant at this tiny harbour, known as Graham Creek (probably named after Wm. Graham who lived here at the time of the Census of 1798). The best place to view the boats is from the other side of the harbour. Drive back to the main road and around the harbour. This harbour has a narrow seaway protecting both sides of the entrance from the encroachment of the sandy beaches located on both sides. Look out for the many Great Blue Herons which feed in the shallows.

Km 56.9: Mile 35.6:
....Turn here to visit Panmure Island. The island is joined to the rest of P.E.I. by a narrow manmade causeway and beautiful sandy beach. This is one of the nicest beaches on the Island and is a great place to stop for a break. Okay so you’ve stopped at all the other beaches we’ve passed, you will want to stop at this one also.

Km 63.7: Mile 39.8:
....Just after you cross the Sturgeon River, turn left onto Route 317 and you can take a side trip to Buffaloland Provincial Park. The park is home to some plains bison which were a gift from Alberta to Prince Edward Island. You can take a peek at not only the wise old leader of the pack but also the camera inquisitive yearling.

....Continuing on route 17 you will find yourself in an area of small farms and well kept houses and yards.

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