Virtual Tour

Km 30.4: Mile 19:
....Turn left onto Route 18A and take a short side trip to the Log Cabin Museum. The museum is privately owned and operated and has a nice collection of antiques. It is well worth the side trip and admission is only $2.00 for adults.

....Turn right and enter Murray Harbour, a small fishing village on a side channel of the main river. Around P.E.I. there are 38 small harbours housing more than 1400 fishing boats. During the fishing season, 30 boats call Murray Harbour home.

....Weíve been travelling for a while now and you must be getting hungry. Brehautís Restaurant has been a local favourite for 20 years. They serve a variety of enjoyable food in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Km 34.9: Mile 21.8:
....Stop in at the Kingís Castle Provincial Park, a perfect place to take a break and let the kids out to stretch their legs. The children will enjoy the large playground.

Km 37.5: Mile 23.4:
....Turn right toward Murray River. Murray River was named by Samuel Holland in 1765 for James Murray, then Governor of Quebec.

Km 38.2: Mile 23.9:
....Here you cross the Murray River and guess can see more fishing boats. You'll never tire of seeing wharfs and fishing boats, as each harbour holds it's own unique charm.

....If you want a taste of fresh lobster, donít leave Murray River without stopping in at Mistyís Seafood Restaurant, a local establishment specialising in Island cuisine and lobster.

Km 38.8: Mile 24.3:
....Bear right toward Montague, but donít be too hasty... because weíre going to turn right onto route 17.
Km 42.9: Mile 26.8:
....There is a large mussel farm here. Stop in and buy some fresh mussels for your lunch, dinner or just for a snack. See why P.E.I. has become one of the world leaders in cultured mussels.You can also walk down to the water, picnic on the grass and see the mussel floats in the water.

....The area here is mixed forest and ponds and is a good place to watch local birds.

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