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Km 74.7: Mile 46.7:
....Surrounded by the Souris River, Colville Bay and farmland, Souris is the largest centre in Eastern Kings. This is a good place to stock up on groceries and supplies before the rest of the trip. If you plan to visit the Magdalen Islands, the ferry leaves from here for the 134 km (84 mile) trip.

....From here you get a great view looking down on Little Harbour. It's in this area that the "ponds" begin. These are brackish bodies of water drained by small brooks to the ocean and fronted by magnificent sand dunes. There's a little pond at Little Harbour, but we'll see some later that are big enough to be called "lakes".

Km 84.9: Mile 53.1:
....Turnoff to Red Point government campground and beach. If you want to see one of our superlative sunrises, stop here and camp for the evening. The kids will love the beach and the 3 jungle gyms. You'll like the grassy campsites and clean facilities. Get up early and walk the beach for the best wake-up in eastern P.E.I.

Km 86.1: Mile 53.8:
....Just 2 km from your campground is Basin Head, home of the famous Singing Sands beach, a fisheries museum, and other attractions. The reconstruction of a maritime village is fun for the whole family, but the real attraction is the bridge and the beach. First, go up on the arched bridge and jump off. Legions of kids and adults love to jump. The channel is just wide enough for a fishing boat and cool and deep. Then, head for the beach. Wear your rubber-soled shoes and shuffle your feet. Squeak, squeak! The sand is singing! Stay all day, it's a lovely unspoiled bit of P.E.I.

Km 92.1: Mile 57.6:
.... Around South Lake you get great views of the lake, dunes and ocean. At the junction you can turn north to Elmira and stop in at the Elmira Railway Museum or continue on to East Point. Watch out for this nicely decorated house and mailbox.

.... If you're wondering how we got South Lake in the northeast, be patient...we'll be passing through both East and North Lakes in just a little while.

Km 97: Mile 60.6:
....Well, you've made it about half-way on the Bays and Dunes route, and you're at the most northeasterly tip of P.E.I. Take a right turn here to check out the East Point Lighthouse (2 km) and the meeting of the tides. The winds here can be really ferocious, so the trees grow close to the ground! Look down over the edge of the (fenced) cliff edge, and maybe you'll spot some sea ducks, like surf scoters. Back on the main road you'll now be heading west along the north shore of P.E.I.

.... As promised, the next point of interest is East Lake. Stop at the bridge and look for eagles and ospreys. The north shore has lots of dunes that are being slowly colonized by stunted spruce trees and other vegetation. Inside the dunes, local farmers have planted fields of oats and other grains. If you're lucky, you'll see the tuna boats from nearby North Lake off in the distance in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Km 103.4: Mile 64.6:
....Speaking of North Lake, turn right here to see the self-proclaimed Tuna Fishing Capital of the World. Nobody really understands how many tuna there are or where they go in the Atlantic, but a few years ago the skippers in North Lake were catching record-sized tuna. Then the tuna disappeared for several years, but recently some have come back to the waters off the north shore. From the bridge at North Lake you can see one of the larger fishing fleets on P.E.I. tied up at the wharf.

....Surrounding North Lake are more of the Island's scenic farms. If you'd like to rest awhile, stop in at Lakeville Bed and Breakfast.

Km 110.5: Mile 69.1:
....Stunted forests are common and the occasional farm or field can offer dramatic views of the ocean.

....If you didn't camp at Red Point, maybe you'll want to stop at Campbell Cove. There's a small campsite and beach here. The beach is bounded to the west by a high red cliff, typical of the terrain on this part of the north shore.

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