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Kirk of St. James*
....Walk behind the All Souls Chapel and follow Fitzroy Street to the right until you come to the Kirk of St. James at the corner of Fitzroy and Pownal Streets.

....The first church erected here in 1831 was of wood and was replaced by the present one of Wallace stone and Island sandstone in 1878.

238 Pownal St.*
....Across the street from the kirk was the home of John Edward Carmichael, Colonial Secretary. Built in the 1820s, it is on two lots and the garden was once well stocked with fruit trees.

45 Fitzroy St.
....Directly across from the kirk, Alexander Brown built this home in 1872. His wife was Georgina Coles, the daughter of the Hon. George Coles.

The Charlottetown Hotel*
.... At the Corner of Kent and Pownal Streets is the Charlottetown Hotel. Originally called the Canadian National Hotel, the cornerstone was laid in 1930 and the building was opened for business in 1931. It was renamed the Charlottetown Hotel in 1939.

City Hall*
....Constructed in 1888, City Hall included a fire station whose doors opened all at once when the bolt was drawn and also housed the police sation with five cells in the basement.

Zion Presbyterian Church
....Continue along Kent Street until you get to Prince Street, then turn right and one block down at Grafton Street is the Zion Presbyterian Church. Dedicated in 1913, this replaced an earlier wooden church on Richmond Street. Notice the large stained glass windows. Now cross Grafton Street to Church Street.

St. Paul's Anglican Church*
....Designed by W.C. Harris and constructed of Island sandstone, St. Paul's (47k) is the third church on this site. It is open to visitors during the summer and you can go in and admire the stained glass windows.

....You are now back in Queens Square where we started. Just behind you is Province House. Thanks for coming on our walking tour of historic Charlottetown. We hope you enjoyed the tour.

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