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18 Haviland St.
....Built before 1858, this was once Bishop McIntyre's residence on Dorchester St. and was opened as the city's first general hospital in 1879.

....Before we continue on along Richmond St. take another quick walk on the boardwalk. Here you can rest by the walkway and enjoy the view of Victoria Park.

15 Richmond St.
....Around 1823 this may have been the quarters of Colonel J.F. Holland and the officers serving at the nearby Fort George. Continue along and turn up West St.

5 West St.
....This home was called "Riverside" when built in 1874 by Lawyer Louis Henry Davies, later Premier of P.E.I. and Chief Justice of Canada.

12 West St.*
.... A residence built in 1897 by C.B. Chappell for wine merchant, James Eden who occupied it until 1923. The architecture is Queen Anne Revival.

22 West St.*
....Called "the Priory", James Beales bought this house for $5,000 from its original owner, railway accountant Richard Young who built it in 1892. Now turn left on Kent St. toward the park.

2 Kent St. - Beaconsfield*
...."Beaconsfield" was designed by W.C. Harris and built in 1877 for James Peake, shipowner and merchant. It was occupied by the William Cundall family until 1923.

Government House*
....At the entrance to Victoria Park is Government House known as "Fanning Bank" Completed in 1834 as the residence of the Lt. Governor, this was the location of the famous photograph taken of the delegates to the Charlottetown Conference of 1864. Take a few minutes to view the columns on the side entrance (37k) and the view from the grounds.

....Walk back along Kent Street to Rochford Street, cross to Rochford Square and then continue along to All Souls Chapel. You may have noticed on our map that the centre of the city was laid out in a grid pattern with a central park area at Province House and four equally spaced parks at the corners. Rochford Square is one of the four corner parks.

All Souls Chapel*
....To one side of St. Peter's Cathedral is All Soul's Chapel. The chapel was begun in 1888 and was designed by W.C. Harris with an interior enhanced by the paintings of his brother Robert Harris.

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