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....Hi, welcome to the Prince Edward Island virtual tour of Southern Queen's County. We’ll be starting this tour in Wood Islands, P.E.I. where the ferry arrives from Nova Scotia and we’ll follow the King’s Byway around southern Queens County. The King's Byway to Charlottetown is a beautiful and scenic part of the Island. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful vistas which will unfold as you travel. You can follow along on a road map of the Island. If you don’t have a visitor’s guide and map of Prince Edward Island, you can order visitor information online or send us an e-mail and we’ll have them mailed to you.

....Eastern P.E.I. is also represented by the Island East Tourism Group. They too would like to welcome you to their end of the Island. Island East offers their own tourism guide which of course, is dedicated to eastern P.E.I.

....To help you follow along, we’ve included the distance from the ferry terminal, not including any side trips you may wish to make. The ferry terminal is Km 0 and our final stop on this portion of the tour is at Charlottetown, 60 Kms away.

....The map below shows where we will be starting and ending this leg of the tour.


....Our thanks to Island artist, Mary Curtis, for permission to recreate one of her wartercolours as the graphic for this page. We also thank the P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation for permission to use excerpts from the book "Geographical Names of Prince Edward Island".

....Enjoy the tour.

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