Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Km 77.5: Mile 48.4:
At Tyne Valley, turn left at the intersection. At Port Hill, rich in potato fields, you can turn off to Green Park Provincial Park, home of the Shipbuilding Museum

Birch Hill features two neighbouring churches. On Prince Edward Island, churches are prominent features on the landscape and serve as beacons to the local residents.

Km 88.9:
Mile 55.6:
The Grand River area must be one of the most scenic and cleanest areas of the province. Undiscovered by cottagers, the area retains its rural beauty with well kept homes next to fields and the river. Local farms are of a scale which enhances the beauty of the area.

Some of the rustic charm of the area still survives in our Island-grown telephone poles and barns which appear to be beyond repair.

Km 104.1: Mile 65.1:
After passing through South-west Lot 16, follow the Ladyslipper Drive along Route 123. The road turns to dirt and you can take a side trip to Belmont Provincial Park.

As you round the point to Belmont, you are treated to spectacular views of Malpeque Bay and you can see Slemon Park across the bay


Km 113.9: Mile 71.2:
As you turn left back onto Route 2 take one last look back and remember one of the Island's most scenic regions and wave goodbye to the cows.

Follow Route 2 for another 4.2 kilometers until you're back at Read's Corner which is the end of this tour.Thanks for taking the tour. Please send us your comments or your name and address if you'd like a visitor's guide and map of Prince Edward Island.