Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Charlotte's Shore

Km 60.1: Mile 37.6:
Just before Victoria is Victoria Park where you can stop and have a picnic overlooking the strait. If you turn around, you can admire the view of the farmland on the other side of the inlet.

Km 60.9: Mile 38.1:
Victoria is a small fishing village named after Queen Victoria. The small harbour is home to 25 fishing boats during the season. The village is also home to many small art galleries, pottery studios, craft shops, restaurants and a shop which makes wonderful hand-made chocolates. It is also home to the studio of Sylvia Ridgeway, the artist whose work is used for the graphic at the top of this page. Take a moment to enjoy this aerial view of Victoria

Near Victoria, are these trees perched on a hilltop. You can see them from the road. The four trees reminded me of the four trees on our provincial flag and coat of arms. One large tree next to a grouping of three smaller trees and the latin phrase, parva sub ingenti, which means the small under the protection of the great. The phrase refers to Great Britain (the great) being the protector of the three counties which make up Prince Edward Island (the small). The trees on our flag are oaks, the trees on the hillside aren't.

After you leave Victoria, the road rejoins the main highway and goes through Crapaud. The French named the area rivière aux Crapauds or river of toads.

Km 67.3: Mile 42.1:
At Tryon turn left off the highway onto route 10. Be careful, the turn is on a curve to the right and as you go left you go over the crest of the road onto the side road. Go down the hill turn left, go a short distance and turn right onto the small bridge spanning the Tryon River. The Tryon River marsh is a great place to watch birds. During the fall, many hundreds of geese rest here on their way south and from high in the sky you can see why it looks attractive.

You are now entering the heart of potato country. The potato fields here seem to go on forever.

Near Cape Traverse is the first good place to view the Confederation Bridge.

Km 84.2: Mile 52.6:
Continuing on route 10 you pass by Borden which is where the bridge begins. The Community of Borden is busy with new developments and the Borden Area Development Corporation is actively promoting business opportunities in the area. Then at North Carleton, stop in at St. Peter's Church. They have a little picnic area to the side of the church and it is one of the best places to view the bridge. From here you get a good idea of its scale as it reaches across the strait.

Km 86.8: Mile 54.3:
Turn left onto route 112 at Searltown. You can take a detour here to Seacow Head. Then return and follow the road until you turn right onto route 171 at Bedeque. On the edge of the Bedeque Bay, the locales of Lower Bedeque, Bedeque, Central Bedeque and North Bedeque overlook the Dunk River which flows into the bay. As you leave Central Bedeque, turn onto the highway 1A and head toward Summerside.

Km 100: Mile 62.6:
As you approach Summerside, you cross the Wilmot River which also hosts hundreds of geese and other birds during the fall migrations.

Km 101.4: Mile 63.4:
This is the junction of highway 1A and the main street into the Town of Summerside. It is also the end of this tour. We thank you for coming along and invite your comments. From here other tours will take you to the north shore of the Island and west through Prince County.