Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Eastern Kings County

Km 119.4: Mile 74.6:
Despite all the beautiful farms you see, in fact many farms (or their houses) have been abandoned since World War II, when many Islanders left for jobs "away." This house near Priest Pond must have once been home to a large family. Also in this area are many blueberry operations. Stop by the road and look down--you may find a sweet treat!

In this area of small wood-cutting operations, you can take a right turn to Shipwreck Point Park and Naufrage Harbour. In the days of wooden sailing ships there were many mishaps on the north shore; find out more at the park.

Km 136.6: Mile 85.4:
At Monticello, they are restoring the Big Cape School. The school was built in 1840 and restored in 1982. Take in a special Ceilidh on Sunday evenings all summer. A Ceilidh is a Celtic celebration of song and dance and reflects the Scottish and Irish heritage of many Island folk.

There are quite a few roads to the beach along here. At the end of the road you might find a small pond and a pleasant place to walk along a quiet and secluded beach.

Km 150.5: Mile 94.1:
This is the turn to Greenwich, possibly the most famous and fabulous display of dunes on P.E.I. Soon to be part of P.E.I. National Park, the current road access is a little rough but passable if you go slow! If you have time, park some distance away and walk in past ripening fields of grain, abandoned houses, and clusters of spruce that anchor older dune formations. The walk through the dunes itself is beyond description, a veritable sea of sand. (But please, stay on the path, and don't disturb any nesting piping plovers, an endangered species.)

At the main intersection in St. Peters slow down and get a peek at the large church on your right, the bay straight ahead, and the wee village to your left. Follow your nose (turning right) onto Rte 2 and proceed west along St. Peters Bay, home to an amazing number of mussel leases. Just up the road about 3 km is a place to pull over and take some great photos of the fields, the bay, and the Greenwich peninsula beyond.

Km 160.7: Mile 100.4:
For the next few kilometres you'll pass over 3 rivers, the Midgell, Marie, and Morell. The Morell is reputedly the best trout and salmon fishing on the Island. Also in this area, from the village of St. Peters to Morell, the Confederation Trail wends its way along the Bay. This is a great 10 km biking excursion for the whole family! You might see this house which has been boarded up and is awaiting future restoration.

Just past Morell is the Savage Harbour area and The Links at Crowbush Cove, the Island's newest and most challenging golf course. If you want to golf or just relax, you can stay at Savage Harbour Cottages.

Km 183.7: Mile 114.8:
At Tracadie Cross, turn right on Route 219. If you keep going straight ahead you'll arrive at Blooming Point. There is a wonderful beach there, (off-limits during piping plover nesting season). We don't have any pictures of the beach because this is a family trip and despite the best efforts of the police and wardens, many sunbathers.......well you get the idea.

So stay on Route 219 toward Mill Cove and enjoy the scenery and flowers you'll see on the way. At Mill Cove the Kings Byway branches left and right. The left branch takes you almost directly back to Charlottetown. The right branch, Route 6, is more interesting so we'll go that way.

Km 193.7: Mile 121.1:
At the bridge at Corran Ban you can stop and admire the view of Winter Bay. Just up the road you can take a side trip to Tracadie Harbour. There is a nice beach here and if you have a canoe you can paddle across to the dunes and enjoy a day of peaceful seclusion.

Past Tracadie you'll pass Stanhope where you can relax at By the Bay Cottages, enjoy a round of golf or relax in comfort at Stanhope By The Sea, the Island's oldest summer resort.

When you reach the junction of Routes 6 and 25, you can take a short detour to York and stop in at Vesey's Seeds Ltd. If you can't stay long, make sure you order their catalogue.

Km 207: Mile 129.4:
The junction of Routes 6 and 15 (Brackley Point Road) marks the end of the tour. If you turn left here you can go straight back to Charlottetown. If you're tired and want a rest, turn right here and go a short distance to Shaw's Hotel and Resort, Canada's oldest continually family owned resort. It is on the shores of Covehead Bay and adjacent to the National Park.

Thanks for taking the tour. If you would like more information about the island, email us your name and address and we'll send you a visitor's guide. Your comments are also welcome.