Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Km 65: Mile 40.6:
Just down the sideroad is North Rustico Harbour which is protected from the ocean by a breakwater and is almost closed off by a large sandbar. The harbour (45k) is also visible from the other side of the bay.

Km 69.2: Mile 42.6:
At Rusticoville you can see more views of the bay and homes. Down by the shore you can see the mussel farms in the water. You can tell where they are by the coloured floats which form floating grids on the bays.

Km 76.8: Mile 48:
Continue on through South Rustico to Oyster Bed Bridge. Turn left here at the corner store and head toward Brackley Beach.

Km 80.6: Mile 50.4:
At the Brackley Beach intersection where routes 6 and 15 meet you can turn left toward the National Park and more great beaches. Stop in at Covehead Harbour and see the fishing boats. Stock up on fresh lobster.

Head south on route 15 toward Charlottetown.

Km 93.6: Mile 58.5:
Between Brackley Beach and Union Road is gently rolling farmland which is best appreciated from the air. The late summer colours provide pleasing patterns on the landscape (45k).

Km 96: Mile 60:
It gets a bit tricky now. Just past the airport you'll come to the arterial highway. Go straight through the traffic lights (on the green signal) and continue on until the next set of lights. Turn right onto Belvedere Avenue and continue on through two traffic lights until you get to University Avenue. You are now back where we started the Charlotte's Shore Tour We thank you for coming along and invite your comments.