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Km 13.5: Mile 8.4:
....Route 4 turns left to Murray River and Montague but we'll visit those towns later. We'll continue straight ahead on Route 18.

....For the next few kilometres you'll be travelling through farming country. Islanders have taken a liking to lupines and you will see them growing wild in the ditches and fields. Most lupines on P.E.I. are purple, but they also grow in shades of pink and white. The best time to see them is in late June and early July.

Km 18.8: Mile 11.8:
....The road ends in a "T" junction. Left leads to Murray Harbour and the Log Cabin Museum , but we’ll continue right along Route 18 and finish visiting the south shore.

....Driving along through Guernsey Cove, you will see more well-kept Island farms and enjoy the ocean view. Guernsey Cove was named for the homeland of the original 1806 settlers of this area. The Brehauts still reside in the area and some of the early farms date back to those early pioneers.

....This is fishing and farming country and if you would like to take home a souvenir of the Island, consider buying a used lobster trap . . .but don’t buy one yet, we know of a better buy just down the road.

....After a few kilometres you again enter an area of spruce forest and small bogs near Cape Bear and Murray Head.

Km 24.9: Mile 15.6:
....This is the turn off to Murray Head, it is a dirt road and we suggest you take a short side trip here. A short way down this road is an unmarked turn to the Cape Bear, lighthouse. A little further along, there is a small secluded beach that the locals like to visit. Don’t tell them we told you about it.

....After 2 kms, you'll reach the end of the road. From here you can see the entrance to Murray Harbour and just below you is another even more secluded beach. What a great place for a picnic or you can just sit and admire the view and watch for seals and pilot whales!

....Recorded on local maps in 1762 as Petite cape à l'Ours and in 1765 as Cape Bear, the name probably comes from a reference to bears on the Island. However, there are no longer any bears on P.E.I. In MicMac the cape was called Kwesowaakeskwodek or "end of the island cape".

....Now you can return to the main road (backtrack the 2 km).

Km 26.6: Mile 16.6:
....As you enter the community of Beach Point, turn right onto Beach Road. A short drive brings you to the Beach Point Beach, with beautiful white sand. You can park here and walk out to the lighthouse protecting the harbour entrance. Dip your toes in the ocean or enjoy a swim in our clear and clean waters. On the far side of the harbour you can see Poverty Beach. Beach Point was formerly known as "Old Store Point" for a store opened here in 1805 by Lemuel Cambridge.

....In the centre of the harbour are the Murray Islands. They are secluded but easy to reach by boat. They are also home to many seals.

....Back in the harbour, you will see more fishing and lobster boats. Note the traps piled on the docks. Lobster season in this part of the Island is limited to May and June. The Beach Point Fishermen’s Coop and Keeping & MacKay Ltd. have their processing plants here. Keeping & MacKay even has a factory outlet in their canteen - get your lobsters while they’re fresh!

....As you leave the harbour area, check out the farms. Prince Edward Island is the potato capital of Canada. Although P.E.I. has well under 1% of the population of Canada, Island farmers grow one-third of all the potatoes in Canada and export them around the world.

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