Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Southern Queens County

Km 19.7: Mile 12.3:
Just over the hill you'll come to the second branch of the Pinette Harbour. Here you'll find the Pinette Provincial Park and the remains of an old wooden bridge. All that is left now are some of the earth berms and pilings. The cormorants like to sit on the pilings and sun themselves.

Pinette and the Pinette River were named for Noel Pinet, a native of Nova Scotia who migrated to Île Saint-Jean in 1738, settling at what became known as Anse à Pinet. Île Saint-Jean was the French name for the Island before it was renamed Prince Edward Island by the British.

Km 22.7: Mile 14.2:
Turn off here to Point Prim. It is about 10 kms to the end of the point. At the point you will find the Point Prim lighthouse, the only round brick lighthouse in the Canada. The view from the top is great and on the way up you can peer out the window at the ocean below.

But don't hurry out there or back. There are many farms along the way and you can stop and enjoy the view of the fields sloping down to the sea.

Km 23.4: Mile 14.6:

Climbing the lighthouse has probably made you very hungry. Stop in at the Selkirk Lobster Suppers for a feed of lobster and other Island delicacies. Once you're refreshed, head across the highway to the Selkirk Provincial Park. The Park is home to the Belfast Highlands Golf Course. One of the newest courses on the Island, Belfast Highlands features nine demanding and beautiful holes. Stop and enjoy the view from the 7th green. When you're finished you can give yourself a pat on the back for managing a par on the 9th

Km 24.9: Mile 15.6:

Don't leave the Island without considering buying your own small piece of paradise. Turn right at Eldon and follow Route 206 for a few kilometers to view a wonderful home that could be yours. Throughout this area the farms roll away into the Island's small valleys.

Km 33.5: Mile 20.9:

The rolling hills around Orwell provide some of the most beautiful views in the area. At Orwell turn right at the sign to Orwell Corner Village. The Village is an historic property maintained by the P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation and features turn of the century buildings and implements The staff demonstrate period methods and techniques and the sheep eat the grass just like in the old days. There are kittens to chase and candies to buy in the old general store and don't forget to check the calendar of events for onsite activities.
Km 37.4: Mile 23.4:
Enjoy more of the local scenery on the way to Vernon Bridge where only a couple of skiffs and some pleasure boats call the small dock home.

Km 38.7: Mile 24.2:
Down the road from Vernon Bridge is Drake Truck Bodies, makers of the finest truck bodies in Atlantic Canada. Watch for trucks with the "Drake Truck Bodies" mudflaps on them and don't worry about getting splashed because they work very well.....and the weather is always nice here anyway.