Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Southern Queens County

Km 0: Mile 0:
Hi! We see youíre just preparing to dock at Wood Islands. The Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island ferry service ferry connects Caribou, Nova Scotia and Wood Islands, P.E.I. and is operated by Northumberland Ferries Ltd. If you havenít picked up your travel guides yet, stop in at the Visitor Information Centre on your way out of the ferry terminal compound (you must exit the compound and re-enter, to gain access to the Visitor Information Centre).

While you're getting your map and guide, we'll land and meet you in a few moments. It may take us a few minutes so enjoy your first view of the Island from outside the Visitor's Centre.

The Northumberland Strait which separates the rest of Canada from P.E.I. was named for the HMS Northumberland, the flagship of Admiral Lord Colville who sruveyed the area in 1764. Wood Islands is named for the two small islands which are now joined and form the harbour.

Km 1: Mile 6:
Stay on the main highway as it bears left. A right will take you on the eastern portion of the Kings Byway Drive, but that is another tour. For now we'll follow the main highway toward Charlottetown. Also, don't take the turnoff to Montague, that too, is another tour. This area consists of homesites, small farms and mixed spruce forest. The Island was originally covered in a mixed hardwood forest but was logged to clear land for farming and shipbuilding.

Km 4.0: Mile 2.5:

There are lots of farms in this area and the ditches are full of yellow daisies. Keep an eye out for yard and garage sales which are common on weekends.

Km 8: Mile 5:
At Belle River you can stop and buy some new potatoes. During early August many farmers harvest a small amount of potatoes to sell as "new potatoes". They are absolutely the best potatoes to eat. At this farm, you will find potatoes at a roadside stand where you serve yourself and leave your money in the box. As you drive along check out the local farmhouses and see how well kept they are.

Named after the Belle River which flows into the Northumberland Strait (its really just a stream) the MicMac name for the area is Mooinawaseboo meaning "bear river".

Km 14: Mile 8.7:
We don't know why the area is called Flat River. The MicMacs called the area Telesipgisg and we don't know what that means either.

Km 17: Mile 10.6:
Turn left at the Summer Savory sign. Down this short dirt lane you will find a small farm which has been growing summer savory for 25 years. Stop in and buy a small bag. Buy lots and give some to your friends.

Km 19: Mile 11.9:
During the busy fishing season, Pinette Wharf is home to 13 fishing boats. Now only a couple are tied up here. The road crosses the river and if you look to the right you will see shallow upper river. Watch out for shorebirds and wading birds like Great Blue Herons.