Prince Edward Island Virtual Tour

Southern Queens County

Km 43.5: Mile 27.2:

This next part is a bit tricky. The highway is three lanes here and you have to get into the centre lane (yes, there are two lanes going your way) and make a left turn off the highway onto a dirt road. Don't worry, it's a good road and will soon turn into a paved road again

Km 44.9: Mile 28.1:

Take a few minutes to stop and dip your toes in the bay. There is a small boat launch and most of the boats you see here are used by oyster fishermen. This area is called Waterside. You'll find yourself back on a paved road and as you come up a small rise you can look west into Pownal.

Km 46.6: Mile 29.1:

As you head into Pownal, you'll notice that farmers have taken advantage of the slope by building their homes on the hillside in the protection of the trees and sloping their fields down to the bay. Some enterprising youngsters have carved out their own field of dreams. It may be small but homeplate has the best view in the country. Eat your heart out Skydome fans.

Km 54.7: Mile 34.2:

Turn right up the Tea Hill road. The area may have been named Tea Hill because some tea was spilled here or perhaps labrador tea was gathered here. As you head up the hill, look back toward Tea Hill Park.

Km 57.4: Mile 35.9:

Route 1A rejoins Route 1 (the Trans Canada Highway) and you enter the Town of Stratford. Stratford is a new town formed by amalgamation of several local communities. The name was chosen by a vote of community residents. Now you head straight into Charlottetown.
Km 60.4: Mile 37.8:
As you drive across the Hillsborough Bridge you can see the Charlottetown waterfront. Turn left at the end of the bridge and park either near the Visitor's Centre or at Peakes Wharf. From there it is only a short walk to the beginning of our virtual walking tour of historic Charlottetown. Thanks for coming on this portion of our series of virtual tours of Prince Edward Island. Please feel free to send us your comments or suggestions.

Thanks for participating in this part of the tour, we hope you enjoyed it.