Double Click on any Image to Enlarge, The 1 bedroom and 1 bedroom large cottages are in a duplex, each with separate entrance and patio area.

1 Bed Patio

1 Bed Cottage Living

1 Bed Cottage Front

1 Bed Kitchen

1 bedroom, bedroom

1 bedroom, bathroom

The large 1 bedroom living room

The large 1 bedroom is in a duplex

The large 1 bedroom kitchen

The large 1 bedroom patio area

This large cottage has 2 pull out sofa beds

The large 1 bedroom

Outside view of the 2 bedroom cottage.

2 bedroom cottage bedroom # 2

2 bedroom cottage main bedroom

2 bedroom bathroom

2 bedroom living area

2 bedroom dining

3 Bedroom Kitchen

3 bedroom sofa bed

3 bedroom dining

3 bedroom back patio

3 bedroom loft

3 bedroom outside

3 bedroom, bed # 2

3 bedroom bathroom


Guest house outside

Guest house front

Guest house side

Guest house kitchen

Guest house dining

Guest house master bed

Guest house bathroom

Guest house living

Guest house bed # 2

Guest house bed # 3

Back deck

Back deck

Guest house living